In this  sermon our archbishop  endeavours to open the windows of the minds of his congregation,  and whilst appreciating aspects of life struggles , he shows us how to appreciate  principles which when adopted allows us to take stock of these conditions and see them for what they are; a condition only and  not the more substantive conclusion of our life. This then allows us to power through them in a more manageable way; enlightenment is liberating. Thus in our Christian walk we have a hope and an expectancy of a more fruitful outcome to the   presenting negative challenges.

He encourages the church to acknowledge we have all lived through varying conditions, “but however long you’ve lived, an unfavourable condition may always be confronting you, but in spite of it we must ensure our vision remains undiminished. There are times unexpected, unfavourable and unpleasant things confront us, but we are to be assured it is not the conclusion of the matter.”

A condition is defined as a state at a particular time, but we must always bear it in mind that another time will come in its place to turn it around; its season is done. Whatever condition we have  God has a remedy, therefore do not draw a conclusion on whatever situation you are in for it is not the unpleasant condition, but how God will deliver us that matters.  We are not finished.

The archbishop revealed that an unfavourable condition is “the enemy’s work “and lead the congregation into an understanding of the elements of condition and conclusion.

He urged the congregation not to despair and to trust the plan of God who has set our conclusion from the beginning.  In Isaiah 41:26? “The Lord has determined the conclusion therefore do not worry about the beginning.” Living through a condition does not determine our end. The Lord said “I have declared the former things from the beginning;…”  Isaiah 48:3, therefore all that concerns us is that our destiny has already been determined. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11

We may at some point suffer and come to shame but that is not the end of our life. We may even have a sickness but the sickness is not our conclusion. It could be immigration problems, barrenness, or singleness for some time. Believe that a time is coming when God will turn it around because it is not the conclusion of the matter. Whatever we are hoping for, God has an expected end for us. If we declare ‘I am blessed’ know it will come to pass so far as the bible say’s it is coming to pass, then God is going to lead us to an expected end.

Understand that our condition will not kill us. It may bring our faith down but out of this situation our faith is tested and revived, faith is firmly reinstated and rises up again. God has promised that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against us in judgment we shall condemn …..” A condition is a weapon of the enemy but the bible says it will not prosper because we are going to condemn it, therefore it cannot overcome our life. Isaiah 54: 17.

The archbishop further assured the congregation that from time to time, trouble will definitely come,  but whatever condition comes into our lives, do not give power to the condition because it comes from the enemy. Take the word of God to the problem, speak against it, and declare that it is a condition but not the conclusion of our life. God has given us a word and that word has power to prosper.

At times a condition working in our lives is working for our good, but we just do not see the whole picture. All things happen to the glory of God for those who love God, and are called according to His purpose. Life at times slows us down, this is just a challenge, all that set us back will ultimately move us forward, and even our times can be redeemed.

In conclusion, the archbishop recommended two important areas believers can follow to deliver themselves to see a change and improvement to an unfavourable condition prevailing over our lives.

PRAY – When faced with certain conditions in our life, we have to go before God and Pray. King Hezekiah prayed regarding his condition. Isaiah did not go far when God asked him to go back to Hezekiah with an answer to his prayer, a change from terminal sickness to an additional 15 years of life; his time was redeemed.

EXPECTATION – is the breeding ground for a miracle. Any time we start praying, expect a miracle. Hezekiah prayed not for prayer’s sake, he had an expectation. For him the verdict was changed. Expectation is a form of faith, believing God for a miracle. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,…” NKJ Revelation 12:11. “Believe in the word of God and pray with expectation.” Debt is just a condition; the conclusion is not the debt. Your condition can be drugs, smoking, sexual obsession, lust, alcohol, pain, pornography, sickness, unemployment etc, know that it is not your conclusion, with God we have a good and expected conclusion.

A full sermon and prophet utterances by our archbishop is contained in a CD of the full sermon you can now make an order of the CD containing the full message and prophesies. You can therefore contact the church office to request a CD of the sermon.