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Partner with LWT

Over the last three years, the Lord led many precious friends to become partners to this Ministry through their financial support. John’s Empowerment Covenant partners are those who are committed to send a monthly gift for the ongoing outreach work.


A covenant partner is “one who shares a responsibility in common with another individual or group, and committed to the Ministry and shares its vision. A relationship between two people who support one another in the achievement of a common goal.”

Archbishop.Dr. John  Owusu-Ansah faithfully and actively prays on behalf of his vision partners daily. He prays for blessing – the empowerment to prosper and excellence for the partners. Partners of John’s Empowerment ministry have a right to connect to the anointing that is in the Ministry so that they too can prosper spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.


  • Pray daily for God’s blessing to be upon your life.
  • Study and diligently seek the word of God
  • Minister to you monthly through a personal letter.
  • Give you an official Partner’s certificate and badge.
  • Provide quality customer service and products.


  • Attend meetings in your area
  • Always pray for Archbishop.Dr.  John Owusu-Ansah, his family and Archbishop.Dr. John’s Empowerment Ministry
  • Support the Ministry financially with your monthly pledge.


If you would like to become a partner of Archbishop.Dr. John’s Empowerment Ministry and support him financially with your monthly pledge, simply provide the information below.

You will receive your certificate, a pack and a badge in the mail.