The National Leadership Team shall assume responsibility to the full extent of its ability for the spread of the Gospel throughout the world.



The objectives of International Missions policy shall be:

  • To preach Christ and lead men to receive him in saving faith accordance with our Lord’s commission – To seek the establishment of the indigenous church in EACH country
  • To encourage and assist in the development of Ministerial Training Programmes for the releasing of indigenous ministries
  • To establish or support when deemed necessary, education and medical. Programmes, including relief work and development projects as an expression of Christ’s ministry to the whole man.



The International Missions Department will endeavour to fulfill the objectives set out above by:

  • Co-operating with respective missionary candidates in carrying out God’s call in their lives
  • Enabling friends and interested assemblies at home to give the maintenance of missionaries and their work
  • Promoting activities to raise funds and interest therein
  • Seeking for opportunities wherever possible to establish centres of witness throughout the world.



The work of International Missions shall be directed by the National Leadership Team, under the leadership of the International Mission Director.