Vision and Mission


The church is portrayed in a three dimensional picture as a

1) LIGHT- HOUSE We are here to penetrate into the darkness to bring those in darkness into light through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

2) HOSPITAL To provide care, counselling and restoration to those who are wounded spiritually and physically, who have down trodden and feeling worthless as Jesus is our answer.

3) SPIRITUAL MOTHER By giving birth to ministries and nurturing believers who have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, to grow in the knowledge of him and find their place in the kingdom of God.



The Mission of our church is to bring advancement to the Kingdom of God through:

1. ACCEPTANCE – We are committed to accepting people as they are in life with a spirit of love, leading them into fellowship with God’s plan of spiritual growth, abundant living and Christian service.

2. PRAYER – We are committed to prayer. Understanding that a growing relationship with Christ is developed through constant prayer and that His plan and purpose for the church and individual believer is released through prayer.

3. WORSHIP – In making personal and corporate worship a priority, as celebration experience of glorious praise, thanksgiving that honours God and that issues inward beauty and strength.

4. BIBLE STUDY – we believe effective life changing is through our encounter with the scriptures that focus on God’s word as the basis for decisions, relationships and personal goals.

5. LEADERSHIP – Our goal is to develop leaders that are God called to perform, love- motivated ministries with consistency, joy and accountability.

6. SPIRITUAL GIFTS & FRUITS – We are committed to emphasising the discovery, development and deployment of spiritual gifts, fruits to equip believers to serve and do church work to become examples in Christian profession and practice.

7. COUNSELING & CARE – We commit ourselves to give guidance to individuals during crisis in their lives through godly personal counselling to find significance, wholeness and patterns for productivity.