Today, the message from the archbishop is entitled dealing with the strong man, quoted from the book of Isaiah 49:24-29.

“Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the captives of the righteous be delivered?” Isaiah 49: 24

At some stages in our lives we have all experienced the intrusions of a Strong Man. When we find ourselves in situations that appeared bigger than and beyond our capacity to handle or address, we can become handicapped by our inexperience and spiritual weakness, submitting to circumstances where if care is not taken can push back, realisation of our strong desires, limiting our ability to accomplish what we set out to achieve in life.

The Arch Bishop explained that a strong man attempts to take your belongings and blessing, and wrestles with you to take the things that you hold dearly away from you. When you are faced or confronted by the troubles of the Strong Man, it is only God who can deliver you from the mighty as the warrior has come to take into his possession whatever he wants to take from or deny you. You may soon find yourself in a state of helplessness and perplexity and unable to neither rise up to the challenges nor muster the strength for a remedy.

But hear what the Lord says “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible be delivered; for I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children.” Isaiah 49:25 On a reassuring note to the congregation the arch bishop said “I want you to know now that your time of deliverance has come and the word of the Lord is alive and working in your life today for you shall be released. Your deliverance has come …. the lord shall release you.”

This is the message today which the Arch Bishop brought that the plunder of the tyrant will be released, and the Lord will fight those who fight with you. Your child, captivated they shall come out, your home, your properties, however unfavourable your current state and condition, the Lord shall deliver you.

Part 2

The message was full of prophetic utterances, he urged the hearer of this message to believe and it shall be, as he invites the Lord to come into the scene. He said, “I command the power holding your source of blessing to release it today. Any power fighting you will be fought by God. God said I will contend with those contending with you, be it a witch or a demon and I will save your children. Let them come with all their powers, be it cancer or any calamity, your destiny must be changed and you are going to deliver your children from the grip of the enemy.”

He empathises with the struggle of the average believer saying “For many years you do not know what is going on, you have tried and tried and have failed, but today God says He will contend with those powers holding your life in Jesus’ name. May God help you to do all the good works in your life.  The believer is reminded of what the Lord says “I will feed those who oppress you with their own flesh, and they shall be drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine…..” verse 26. He instructed the congregation to call the enemy to order, confront the enemy and command him to listen to what God says and quoting the word of God to him. For “when you allow the enemy to target your children, then they have destroyed your future since without children there’ll be no production, from seed to more fruits. Your deliverance is not for you alone but is an extension to your children and lineage. Therefore every network of the enemy shall be destroyed; your words have become a hammer of fire on your enemy as your soul has already escaped from the snare of the fowler and every snare the enemy set against you shall not stand.”

He encourages the believer to make a progressive shift in his/her spiritual life advising that “It is imperative you continually remain in communion with God constantly praying to Him for when you stop praying your enemy can come back to haunt you. As the spirit of prayer comes into your life, the power of darkness cannot stand against you. Pursue your enemy and do not turn back till they are all consumed. May you have the spirit of prayer so the enemy can turn back and leave you alone. For “The Lord is righteous; He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked.” Ps 129:4 you must therefore cut the cord of the wicked in your life, your finances, your marriage, your business. You must be righteous and give the enemy no foothold in your life.”

From here the archbishop started to release some prophetic words and here are some of his prophesies:

“You are not going into reverse gear, because the power of God is upon you, for greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Do not listen to what people are saying but listen to what God says, every disappointment shall turn to become appointments for you. The house your father cannot build you will build. I consume the shrine of the strongman in your family with fire and you will break though the obstacles of your enemies. You are of the royal family from above. Any poison injected into you I flush out in the name of Jesus. Every stronghold that has become your problem I smash by the fire of the Holy Spirit, may the Lord open your eyes to see your evil friends.  There shall be disgrace, to every strongman from you father’s and your mother’s house and I command them to fight themselves. Those strongmen taking away your joy, your business, they will eat their own flesh and drink their blood. It has come to the lineage of your family but you are different, all curses shall stop at your time and the lineage of curses shall not prevail over you. Every spiritual incubator must be broken from you today and every evil spiritual bank that has captivated all that concerns you I command it to be consumed by fire. Take your blessings and your money in Jesus’ name.

Most of the prophetic utterances are not here. To get the benefit of the entire prophetic utterances, you can now make an order of the CD containing the full message and prophesies. You can therefore contact the church office to request a CD of the full sermon..